My experience in the practice, teaching and the spirit of yoga will hopefully give you what I call the three “I”s - information, inspiration and intention, which will help you to expand your capacity and growth as an individual.

My Yoga path started when I was seventeen years old and I was first introduced to the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yoganada. The book changed my life as I realized there is something more than just our physical presence on this earth plane.  I practiced yoga then on my own as there were not the Ashrams and yoga studios of today.  And what began to  unfold in my experience has led me to where I am today.

The spirit of Yoga is much more than just the practice of the “asanas” or the following of the principles of Patanjali.  It is truly learning how to live in the eternity of present moment and forward motion as you begin to open yourself up to an evolutionary way of life.

Teresa is the Yoga Director at Total Balance in Oakville, Ontario

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My yoga journey began six years ago as a form of exercise and is now my new lifestyle.  Terri has taught me yoga for more than three of those years.  I just completed her first Yoga Teacher Training Workshop and am now a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher.  I will continue to study this ancient practice with Terri for as long as I can and look forward to each and every yoga class.  She is my inspiration, mentor and friend.

Michelle P.

Terri has a way of reaching into your mind… she can pick up on people’s stress points, their weak or sore points in their bodies and even when they are tired or distracted by certain events in their lives. For years, I woke up with constant pain in my jaw from clenching my teeth at night due to stress. It is thanks to Terri, that I now wake up pain-free. She has shown me how to “be mindful” of where I hold my stress and to focus on relaxing that area. It has worked wonders and I am truly grateful to her. Her deep breathing exercises have helped me when I can’t fall asleep and I feel more rested when I wake up. I look forward to my class each week and for an hour I can forget about everything else and just focus on me.

When I set out to find a good yoga teacher almost a year ago I didn't just find a good on, I found a great one!"

Amanda T.

"Learning from Terri has been a life changing experience for me.  Terri is a endless book of knowledge with regards to Yoga, and the Mind, Body and Spirit.  She puts 100% of herself into her teaching, whether instructing a yoga class or in a classroom setting in teacher training.  Through her teachings, I have gained a deep connection to yoga as a spiritual practice and as a way to use postures and breath awareness to bring oneself into the present moment.  This greater self awareness and knowledge has laid the fundamental groundwork for me to be able to go out and teach with confidence about the benefits and powerful, healing tools that yoga has to offer.  It has been a priviledge to study under her, and I am grateful for everything she has taught me."

Allison Y.

"My Yoga Journey began over 7 years ago with Terri as my first teacher. It has been an incredible learning experience, and I now find myself a teacher as well, thanks to Terri’s instruction, support and friendship. I look forward to my journey in Yoga and life with Terri in it!"

Mhairi J.


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